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About Beast Your Fear

Beast Your Fear was launched in December 2016. Cheryl and Will Jarvis started out training together in their local gym, Will gave support to Cheryl in terms of transferring knowledge of weight loss in order for her to achieve her goals. Cheryl quickly lost her weight and toned up. Both impressed by the transformation the married couple decided to professionally educate themselves further to share their knowledge and help others achieve their goals.

Once qualified they decided to create a small studio within their home, this was to support clients who do not feel confident in a gym environment, the private studio offers a 121-coaching experience.

The couple have also made home visits to their client’s houses to give advice and to create them a bespoke training plan which can be undertaken in the comfort of their own home.

Will and Cheryl both train in the private studio and at Planet Fitness Bradford, therefore they can also offer Personal Training in a gym environment.

Due to interest from followers on social media the couple decided to branch out into online training and nutrition plans, this way they can support anyone in the world not just in their local area.

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Level 2 Gym Instructors.

Level 3 Personal Training.

Applying the principles of nutrition to a physical activity programme.

At Beast Your Fear we recognise that it is important to keep learning and we believe that knowledge is key to help you achieve your goals.